x. Fire Phoenix .x (fire_phoenix06) wrote in fushigi_yugi_rp,
x. Fire Phoenix .x

[RP Log: Hotohori, Amiboshi and Suboshi]


Looking to Tamamhome, he nodded. "I am sure," he said with an air of finality. "Be careful, everyone." He walked towards the door. "We should not waste time," he said.


Amiboshi shook his head at his brother. "No, I just came back from the Seiryu palace," he said. "Nakago wanted me to find you. He's planning to fight the Suzaku Seven again." He grabbed his brother by the shoulders. "I know you're going to want to do this after I tell you but I'm begging you now, Suboshi, brother, don't go with him...even if he does have Lady Yui."


Suboshi stared at his brother until the last part where his eyes widened. "Lady Yui is here?" he asked. "I must go see her!" He tried to move but his brother's grip was too strong. "let go, Amiboshi, I'm going to see Lady Yui, not help Nakago."
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